Elaine left corporate working life in 2000 and turned to study healthcare.  She  received her Master in Iridology from University of Health Science Hawaii 2004, a Bachelor Degree (BSc. High Honours) in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health,  USA in 2005. She has also completed the International Iridology Level I,II& III,  Time Risk and Emotional Iridology courses. She also plays an active role as Assistant Secretary in MIPA** (Malaysia Iridology Practitioners’ Association).

Iridology is relatively new to Malaysia and Singapore, first introduced by the late Dr Bernard Jensen.  There are still a lot of Malaysians who have yet to know about  Iridology , let alone understand what this science is all about. This sad fact prevents many from taking preventive measures to curb diseases in the body before they even begin.

Iridology was introduced to Malaysia around the mid ‘90s.  Intrigued by the discoveries, Elaine attended the basic course under Dr KS Goh , then a pioneer in Iridology in Malaysia.   This followed with a dedication and commitment to pursue all the relevant certifications to begin her practice.

The root of the mission

Elaine’s journey into Iridology was fueled by a personal family loss. Her father had a stroke way back in 1976. Changing his diet to vegetables and fish helped his blood pressure return to normal without medication but failed to reverse the effects of his stroke. Her mother too succumbed to stroke in 1996 and was in a coma for over a month in ICU.  Being with her mother every alternate night, she saw how poorly patients were treated when their family members were absent. She also witnessed several deaths per night. Furthermore, the disconnectedness of the nurses made her shudder at the thought of being hospitalized.

Her mother was paralyzed on one side and had to be sent to a nursing home.  At the same time, her 16 year old nephew was dying from a cancerous growth. In subsequent years, a cousin and an aunt died from cancer of the pancreas.  For them, doctors only detected the symptoms at the 4th stage.  She saw them wilt to death.  Also one of her sisters was detected with breast cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy.

Having seen all these, she recognized that conventional medicine had no solution to reverse chronic diseases.  Once a person is so called “declared” or “named” as having a chronic disease in conventional medicine, he or she is in a waiting line to meet death. Iridology would have discovered the tell tale signs even before symptoms developed and the loss of lives could have been prevented. The suffering and pain could have been avoided.

In her quest for preventive healthcare, Elaine completed several complementary courses to time on Iridology. These include Colon Management,  Holistic Nutrition and various Energy healing arts.   By mid 2005, she had completed all her courses and is able to provide a health check through Iridology and recommend the necessary steps and nutrition required for preventive care. She also stays abreast with the latest developments in nutrition and Iridology to maintain at the highest level of practice.

Elaine has  been involved in personal development & life transformation works since 2003. She received training on group/personal empowerment & coaching skills for breakthrough results from Landmark Education – a leading global company acclaimed in the industry of training and development. Elaine received training on leadership, effective communication,  team management & coaching skills. She was also trained to lead Introductions and Programs for Landmark Education in Malaysia.   She also works with Dr Sundardas Annamalay from Singapore in running his Success Permission Seminars in Malaysia.

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** Malaysian Iridology Practitioners’ Association,  a body that serves to regulate the code of ethics of practice and relevant qualifications in the specialized field of Iridology. Only those who have the relevant qualifications in line with the Association’s Constitution are accepted as Practitioners and issued with a Certificate of Practice, which is renewable yearly.