Before –  end Apr 2017                                                After – in Sept/Oct 2017

The importance of CORRECT and SUFFICIENT nutrients for body to work..



“In 2009, I had an analysis done by Elaine, followed by a medical check-up with my doctor.  My doctor confirmed what she told me and I started treatment with my doctor immediately before my condition turns serious.  Elaine also taught me how to eat daily and use the required supplements that my children and I needed.  I am very happy to see the results we got.     I would ask my friends to see Elaine to have their eyes analysed for prevention purposes.”  – Ms Enass Mohd, a housewife from  Sudan



“Before, my physical well-being was a wreck.  My Iris reading identified a lot of inflammation. With Elaine’s help in my nutritional protocol, my energy level increased and my visits to my doctor reduced tremendously. I am very happy that I can now have a new view of life.”

Ms Shanthini, a banker in K/Lumpur



Before                                                     After

“Elaine helped me to recognise and accept my own greatness and possibilities which give me the confidence to pursue the dream of my life.”   – Ms Lucia T,  a Co.Secretary in K/Lumpur


“Before, I was always in fear, feeling lost and powerless. Through the sessions I had with Elaine, I gotten confidence and clarity in what I want in life.  I have now moved ahead in my career to being self-employed.  My health and my life has improved tremendously.”  – Ms Tai, an accountant in KL